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The Rocky Horror Picture Show

One of the most craziest movies ever!  I have asked a lot of people if they’ve watched this classic, my conclusion, probably haven’t, and most of the times I’m right.

I’m not going to be too detailed with this one because I believe one must see it at least once in your life, especially if you want to be considered a hard core moviegoer.

Basically this film is about Janet Weiss, her fiancé Brad Majors, and how a trip to visit Brad’s beloved professor, Dr. Everett V. Scott, turns into a sexually disruptive journey, with a transsexual scientist, a lot of dancing and an invention with a sole purpose, hard core sex.

After you’ve watched it, probably the first thought is that there’s no message, and that it’s all about gathering a bunch of clips into a sequence and calling it “a movie”, but it's not.

It actually takes time to understand it, mostly because it's overwhelming, but that's one of this film’s major statements which makes it so different.

From my point of view, they try to portrait in a bizarre way, how “the innocence” we once had is taken away from us by the influence of people that only think in their interests, while making us believe that they care about us. In life we are used without even noticing it, and that changes us, in good or bad ways.

Also let’s not forget about its historical context.This film was released in 1975, so it was a  time where trans sexuality wasn’t something you talked about, or see every day, and this film openly shows a transsexual main character.

Since that time, Tim Curry was “discretely” addressing a subject that took years for the most conservative part of the population “accept“ as a reality.

Though trans sexuality it's portrayed as something positive, the ornamental personality of every character, except Brand and Janet, started a conversation about sexuality and how broad it is.

Ignorance was so big then, that they used to advertise “a cure” for homosexuality and other “disorders”, this makes me ponder that maybe the film was culturally part of the foundation that helped the LGTBQ+ community to rise up and finally be free from the chains that they’ve been carrying through generations, having the chance to truly be themselves, without restrictions, because you can’t stop love.

Taking away the deeper thoughts this film awakes in me, I must say this is a production that demanded a lot of preparation from the actors in order to take away they prejudices, and develops in the spectator a desire to sing and dance to the rhythm of the "Time wrap"  in that mansion with the curious company of it's eccentric host.

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